Precision mapping & landscape analysis for sustainable design


Aeria Analytics aims to support biodiversity and climate resilience by working with designers, developers, and property owners to maximize the sustainability and ecological functionality of properties.

What does Aeria do?

Aeria provides drone and ground mapping and landscape analysis to increase the efficiency of the design process.

These outputs, along with our additional services, replace traditional on the ground measurements and analysis, saving time and labor. These outputs can be used for a variety of additional purposes including marketing, plant health assessment and monitoring.

Aeria also offers a biodiversity and carbon analysis, using real quantifiable data to explain to clients how your work makes an impact on the climate and local ecosystems.

For property owners, Aeria offers a biodiversity and carbon analysis and sustainable landscaping plan to support climate resilience and ecological functionality.

Aerial Map Example

For Who?

  • Landscape Design Firms

  • Property Developers

  • Community Planners

  • Solar Farm Developers

  • Schools & Universities

  • Property Owners


For Designers & Developers

Sustainable Landscaping Analysis & Plan

For Property Owners