The Bower

Aeria is thrilled to collaborate with The Bower, an enchanting public garden adorned with meadows, woodlands, and stunning artistic sculptures. Our team has conducted multiple drone flights, resulting in high-resolution maps. These maps, combined with on-the-ground data collected through ESRI's Field Maps, are revolutionizing how we track the diverse plant communities within the garden. This powerful fusion of cutting-edge technology and field observations is enhancing the Bower’s ability to preserve and manage their land sustainably.

Regenerative Farm

Groundswell reFARMative is transforming a 100-acre depleted corn and soy farm in NJ into a regenerative organic farm complete with diverse animals, vegetables and fruits. We supported this transition by providing them with a Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration Analysis and Report. This included drone site mapping, land cover analysis, plant health analysis and recommendations. We also helped them develop their Farm Conservation Plan.

Refugia Design 

In collaboration with the Refugia Design team, we have integrated drone data into the landscape design process, using the outputs to create scaled property basemaps. We also provide site analysis including topography, elevation, slope, hydrology, and soil & bedrock analysis. Additionally we have helped them map and measure the ecological impact of their work using quantifiable data. 

The Lawrenceville School

Aeria offered an aerial perspective to the green campus initiative at the Lawrenceville School in NJ. Our team conducted a drone flight on the 650-acre property & provided:


Our team at Aeria Analytics provided Stoneleigh, a Natural Lands garden, with our drone mapping and biodiversity & carbon analysis services. Stoneleigh said,

"This type of analysis is an intriguing new perspective for us at Stoneleigh and will aid in how we view our work to support and improve our local biodiversity and further develop our landscape. The high-resolution map is useful to us in numerous other ways such as collections management and public program planning. I actually found myself zooming in and out for about 20 minutes yesterday, the detail is amazing. The tree health notes were spot on as each of those trees are in decline.”